See your new Invisalign smile in 60 seconds

Dr Dave Basrai

As a cosmetic dentist in a county driven by aesthetics and in the heart of Essex, Dr Basrai, also known passionately as Dave to his patients, knows that the trend today is to have a more natural-looking smile with the minimal amount of dentistry that can destroy the natural enamel of teeth.

We call this the ABC of Dentistry.

A stands for the Alignment of teeth using Invisalign to place the teeth in the right positions to harmonise the face.

Let’s get this straight!

Invisalign, the game-changing brand of clear aligners, has changed over 8 million smiles and the data and the AI it has in its system make it a clear choice for Dr Basrai. It can move teeth more predictably than any other system using smart track materials and smart attachments.

Invisalign has been around since 1997 and has been a clear choice for teeth straightening since then with many of our patients. The aligners are clear, removable and custom made to fit your smile and then slip over your teeth to straighten them from anywhere from 3 to 14 months. The material used in Invisalign has been trademarked and protected and is more comfortable than having brackets on all your teeth which could cause tissue irritation.

The cost can be comparable to or less than traditional metal braces and sometimes treatment time is accelerated compared to metal braces.

B stands for Bleaching of Teeth to make them look brighter and fresher to the naked eye.

C stands for Composite Bonding where we use white natural filling materials to make the edges of the teeth smoother and straighter.

We understand that your self-esteem will get a tremendous boost and you will smile more overall. Smiling, laughing and exuding joy are all signs of youth...Why wouldn’t you want more of that?

Most of this treatment does not require any needles or injections and even the most phobic patients love this journey of seeing us at our state of the art dental office in Chafford Hundred.

When patients come and visit us for the first time, we greet them like old friends that we have invited into our living rooms. The entire experience is dedicated to putting the patient's overall health at centre stage.

Many patients fear that they cannot afford dental treatment and that it's too expensive. We have made it possible for everyone to have the smile of their dreams with affordable small monthly payments to gain access to these treatments. Our mission is to give everyone the highest quality dental care.

Invisalign is trending very heavily with all our patients at our office. We are finding that some patients forgot to wear their retainers in the past or even didn’t wear them at all and unfortunately have misaligned their smile and have issues with crowding or spacing of their teeth.

In our practice, patients have been highlighting their insecurities about their smiles which has been attributed to Zoom.

Covid has increased their self-awareness. People want to take advantage of the masks that they have to wear in public to get the work done, as they feel more comfortable wearing their Invisalign braces as want to do something for themselves as the new normal begins.

The Zoom Boom effect is the fact that we are no longer 3 feet away from someone at work or at a table. Your whole face fills the screen and you just simply cannot hide your smile anymore.

There is also something in the world of dentistry that we call the mesial shift that happens to men and women as they age. The bone in the lower jaw called the mandible becomes thinner as we get older and the lower teeth start to shift, so some of our patients will start to see that their lower incisors becoming even more misaligned and crooked. This can make it difficult to clean your teeth and can potentially cause gum disease and heaven forbid ultimately tooth loss.

We all know that it can be an intimidating and strange experience of visiting the dentist for the first time. One minute you are meeting a stranger for the first time and the next second they are looking inside of your mouth, which is a very sensitive and intimate area of the body. Some patients carry a lot of childhood fears that stem from going to the dentist.

Dr Basrai has trained with some of the top mentors in the world of human psychology and uses techniques in Neuroscience behaviour to alleviate the fears associated with going to the dentist. He will first establish trust and make sure that his patient understands that their comfort is our number one priority.

We understand we are in the business of building confidence by creating natural custom gorgeous smiles.

We are a boutique practice and our intention has always been to keep our daily volume low so that we can give our patients that undivided attention.

Starting my practice from ground zero and building these interpersonal relationships with all my patients has been a dream come true for me personally. I am an artist at heart and doing Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry is the perfect blend of art and science. I get to live what I love daily with my patients. It’s truly a godsend that I get to do what i am passionate about every day.

It’s a privilege that I get to meet, treat and be involved in the intimate journey of transformation with the patients that find us and trust us.

Upon meeting new patients, I ask myself if this were me or my family member, what would be the best solution and how would I want to be treated.

My motto in life is to Live your Best Life Now! This isn’t a dress rehearsal. Constant and never-ending improvement in all aspects of your life whether it's personal or the business of dentistry.